===========issues runing docker under proxy ==============

1. proxy setup

docker build --build-arg=http_proxy=********************* -t ubuntu-helloworld /home/leon/dockerimage/test1/

2 Dockerfile

ENV http_proxy 'http://web-proxy.****.net:8080'
ENV https_proxy 'http://web-proxy.****.net:8080'


Build a base image

1. redhat centos fedora


2. debian ubuntu



we use debian here:

1. create a chroot directory

debootstrap --arch amd64 sid debian-sid http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/

of course, if you want to build a docker base image for other linux distro, just setup code name and repo address here.


2. make a tar tall for this directory

tar -c .

3. import into docker

docker import - debian-sid-bash

4. docker images

you will find your image is there

5. docker run -t -i debian-sid-bash /bin/bash

build your root image files.

6. docker commit

save as your own root files